Transciption Services
If you have an hour of audio it is NOT going to take an hour to transcribe even for someone with a typing speed of wpm. Conversational English is in the vicinity of to wpm add to that relistening to identify speakers in multiplespeaker audios or any undue audio transcription  background noise and things start to slow down. The IPS place transcription time for a straightforward, single person, clear audio file think, dictating a letter Class at ie for very minute of recorded audio it will take approximately minutes to transcribe. This means an hour of audio will take approximately hours to transcribe.

The range covers things like complexity of the recording, whether it contains jargon or technical language, if the speaker has an accent, and whether there is any looking up of addresses, internet searching and so on. This range goes up to . to hours   spanish transcription  for a Class file. Clients can decrease the amount of the final invoice by ensuring that their audio files are recorded in the best possible circumstances better quality less time to transcribe. Lyn ProwseBishop, MVA, ASO, CAVB Australias first certified Master Virtual Assistant MVA, VAcertified VA.

Business Achievers Award winner Professional Services, and Thomas Leonard International VA of Distinction Award Nominee is owner of Executive Stress Office Support eSOS, specialising in digital transcription, document production, internetrelated online transcription  marketing activities, and executive personal assistant services for clients around the world. One of Queenslands most respected virtual assistants, Lyn is also founder of the Australian Virtual Business Network served for three years as a founding member of the steering committee for, and speaks at, the annual Online International Virtual Assistants Convention, and also serves on two international committees as Australian representative looking at standards and certification for the VA industry.

If you are organizing a conference next time, make sure that you have arrangements in place for making available verbatim transcripts of the event. This new revenue stream is earning many organizers additional resources through the transcription services  distribution of the transcripts. In a recent conference that just concluded, the professional delegates that visited the event paid as much as for an accurate transcript of the important event. According to the visiting delegates, the transcripts of the conference have valuable points of reference which can be effectively used in marketing and sales, and on the other hand the event organizers claimed that by including advertisement and other interactive content with web links, the revenue that they earned was not only through the sale of transcripts, but through sponsored advertisements that were included in the transcripts.

At first, the conference organizers felt that making available a transcript of the event may affect the numbers of visiting delegates, but this was not to be, and of the visiting delegates were the ones that solicited the transcripts, apart online transcription services  from other delegates that were unable to attend the conference for some reasons. The visiting delegates on getting to know that a transcript of the event will be available on demand spend more time on active participation, the time that was spent on writing notes is now put to better use, either assessing the discussions or networking with other participants.